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Published under the auspices of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Balkan Journal of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed international periodical, academic in spirit and wide-ranging in its potential readership. Its readers will primarily include professional philosophers in the Balkan region. In addition, it will appeal to scientists and scholars from different fields who maintain a significant interest in philosophy and in multi-disciplinary research involving philosophy.

The aim of the Journal is to publish high-quality papers on the most current problems and discussions in philosophy. No philosophical field or expertise is excluded a priori. Special attention will be devoted, however, to the treatment of these problems in the Balkans and south-eastern Europe , and to their influence on the development of philosophy in this region.

The Balkan region has undergone great changes during the last two decades, both political and cultural, and this has affected the tenor of philosophical debates also. It is timely, therefore, and highly necessary to provide a forum for different philosophical voices and traditions in south-eastern Europe . The Balkan Journal of Philosophy aims to be such a forum and to publish papers that will serve as inspiration for further philosophical investigations.

The Balkan Journal of Philosophy will publish original papers, in English. There will be two issues per year, each of which will contain no more than ten papers. One of these issues will be devoted to a thematic topic while the other will be without thematic limits. Submissions for publication will be assessed through a double-blind review process.

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